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Every Child. Every Chance. Every Day.


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Calverton Parent COVID-19 Information Message From The Head Teacher: Click here

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Dear Parent/Carers,

All the staff at Calverton are excited and are working hard in preparation for the children returning to school on Monday 7th September. I fully understand that some parents may feel nervous about this given the current global pandemic.

You and your child will notice some changes around school, these have been put in place to help keep your child and family safe from Coronavirus.

All our new measures are there to ensure that we create social distance between groups of the school population and we have adequate hand washing/sanitizer facilities for all.

In order to keep everyone safe we request all families ensure they keep a good distance from other families; when using the school entrances and exits and whilst waiting at the end of the day, outside classrooms. We also request, where possible, you do not come into the school office, but communicate through telephone, text or email or send a note with your child.

I do appreciate that the different staggered start/end times can be inconvienent to many families but I am hoping this will be a short term measure while we assess the safety of social distancing at the entry and exit points.

If anyone in your household or your child develops any of the coronavirus symptoms; high temperature, new persistant cough, loss of taste or smell please do not come into school. Phone the school as soon as possible and self isolate for 14days. This can be shorter if a negative covid-19 test is received and evidence shown to the school.

We have created a frequently asked question sheet to help with any further queries you may have. 

I look forward to seeing you all on Monday. 

Yours sincerely,

Mrs C Crompton 



Frequently Asked Questions

How will my child be safe?

All pupils are to remain in class bubbles with a teacher and TA (First Aid trained). This reduces the risk of adults and children touching a wider group of people or surfaces. Each classroom is set up so that the children will be seated as far apart as possible and equipment that is frequently used like pencils will be named and only used by your child. Less frequently used equipment may be shared within the bubble and cleaned each night. The staggered start and finish times do mean that smaller groups of children and parents can group together at once, this also helps with staggered playtimes and lunchtimes, ensuring less children are in the playground at once. As much as possible the children will be only moving within their classroom and outside, the use of corridors is limited and will be operating on a one way system. All educational visits have been postponed for the near future, except for our Resource Provision children who may be going for localised walks. We ask that all children change their clothes each day and in order to support parents with this we are relaxing the rules that on PE days your child can come to school in full PE clothes, not school uniform. There will be two PE days a week. Your teacher will inform your child on Monday which days these are.

How are you going to keep parents social distanced?

Entrances and exits to the school will be a ‘one way system’. Parents are asked to come in via the Jade Close car park and the Royal Road entrance, all other entrances will be for exiting only. Staff will be on the gates to ensure families remain at the designated social distance from each other. We request, where possible, only one family member comes on to school premises with your child. Whilst waiting at the end of the day for your child we ask that you wait a distance away from the classroom door.

Can my child wear a face covering?

Calverton school encourages families to wear face coverings on the journey into school, especially if traveling on public transport. Whilst in the school grounds we request parents keep their face covering on and if your child is wearing one, once they enter their class bubble we will ask them to remove it (as per Government guidance) and put it away safely for home time.

What if my child develops symptoms?

Any child or family members exhibiting symptoms should not come in to the school, inform the office and self-isolate for 14 days. If a positive Covid test or ‘Track & Trace’ inform a family member that someone who lives with a child who has been in school has coronavirus then a whole bubble (classs) will be closed for 14 days for all to self isolate.

If a child develops symptoms whilst in school, the child will be taken to a separate room and the parents will be asked to come collect them immediately.

Can my child bring in their own hand sanitizer?

We do have adequate hand sanitizer resources in each class and your child will be encourage to wash their hand first. If your child has a sensitivity to particular brands of sanitizer then it is Ok for them to bring their own into school. The bottle will need to be clearly labelled and there will be strict rules about not sharing their sanitizer with other children or adults.

How will you help my child catch up with all the learning they have lost?

Children are very resilent and we are very hopeful most will catch up by the end of the year. We have adapted our curriculum to initially allow for more social lessons, so that children can rebuild friendships and positive learning behaviours. Teachers will be focussing upon speaking & listening and English and Maths skills. We will be having a more outdoor learning approach (weather permitting) in the hope this helps to give some space for some childrens integration back into ‘normal style’ lessons.

Will staff be wearing PPE (personal protective equipment)?

All staff will wear aprons, gloves and face masks/visors when administering first aid or help a child with toileting. Staff will not be wearing face coverings during the day unless in a private meeting within the school building with visitors.

Will I get fined if my child has too much time off due to self isolation?

Newham local authority have developed a very supported attendance approach and parents will not be penalised for genuine coranvirus symptoms. It may be that evidence is needed of negative / positive covid testing. We would also encourage all parents to register on the Newham Track and Trace, parents do not need to log onto our school code unless they are staying on school premises longer than 15minutes. There are QR codes around the school gates.

Mrs Crompton


 Caroline Crompton Head Teacher


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