School Council

Calverton's School Council members are elected each year through the democratic process of election. For one afternoon the school is turned into a polling station using equipment loaned to us by Newham Council. This early introduction to voting is intended to familiarise pupils with the key skills needed to become active citizens in the wider community.

Now into its ninth year, the voting process has become commonplace for the vast majority of Calverton pupils who respect the privilege of anonymity for themselves and others.

Over the years school council members have participated in staff and pupil recruitment: Mrs Crompton, Head Teacher, was put through an arduous interview by school council members when she applied for her job! Pupils applying for responsibilities within the school such as Peer Mediator and Dinner Hall Helpers have their CVs scrutinised by School Council members who then put candidates through rigorous interviews as part of their selection process.

Calverton School Council has launched anti-litter, anti-bullying and anti-knife and gun crime campaigns which were all received in the local community during demonstration marches. This year, School Council members have resolved to tackle racism and are currently planning a summer term campaign to raise awareness of the unpleasant effects of prejudice.

School Council Meetings are held each week, lasting for up to one hour when members sharpen their skills in chairing, minute taking, secretarial skills, listening, putting forward ideas, decision making and communication to name but a few. Pupils have built up confidence in running short Class Council meetings each week when they report back to their peers on issues discussed at meetings.

At Calverton we aim to assist the development of School Council members to become active and enterprising citizens.

School Council Members 2019 - 2020

  • Fibonacci - Nailah and Akhere
  • Archimedes - Odi and Ahmet
  • Hawking - Danny and Akunnaya
  • Einstein - Brandon and Emilia
  • Gandhi - Kye and Skyla
  • Attenborough - Sofiya and Noel
  • Curie - Ronnie and Rose
  • Beethoven - Gabriela and Theodore
  • Mozart - Bryan and Vanessa


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