Year 5 Fairplay House Trip

Pupils and staff arrived safely at Fairplay House, cases unpacked, bed making lessons given (poppers not good at the pillow end because of smelly feet!)  Different groups will do different activities each day.  We will update this section of the website with photographs as we receive them.

Spooktacular fun in the forest! The children did their best impression of Bear Grylls and survived a whole....hour of trekking through the dark forest. All arrived back safely, just in time for a quick game of charades before bed.

After a greats nights sleep, all were up and ready in no time. Excited for the day ahead, children ate breakfast, cleaned up (which they strangely loved and have said they will all continue to do when they come home), made lunch and tidied their rooms!

The children are all having a great time, many are taking parts in activities and are over coming their fears.  They are even enjoying the washing up!

Wednesday- children enjoyed a fun packed day on the beach,  woodland games in the forest and murder mysteries in the grounds of Fairplay house. The day was rounded with toasted marshmallows on our very own campfire.

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