Science Week 2018

Calverton Primary School - Science Week 2018

Calverton celebrated an awesome science week with the theme’ Explore to Discover  -The World is your Oyster!’  from the 8th to the 12th of January 2018. It was a spellbinding week filled with mesmerising demonstration assemblies( led by the Mad Science Crew and the Rokeby School Science Department), series of workshops also led by the Mad Science crew, lots of gripping hands-on activities and project in class such as: making ‘blood’, recreating Space in the enchanting surround of the Ham Creek Wood outdoor, making slime and building volcanoes and science board games. There was also a competition to build the furthest travelling and buoyant paper shuttle. This competition was open to all including members of staff and parents. The week was crowned with an intriguing science fair where children had the great opportunity to share with each other and parents the science projects they have been working hard on throughout the week in their year groups. These projects were judged by a team of senior leaders and non-teaching staff. There was also a parent workshop led by the Mad Science Crew which gave parents and carers a taste of the scientific journey the children had been on. Winners of the paper shuttle competition were:

Provision –         Furthest and Most Buoyant - Truyen 4P

EYFS –               Furthest and Most buoyant Matteo RM

Years 1 and 2 –  Furthest and Most Buoyant – Sabiha 2M

Years 3 and 4 –  Furthest - Ishmael  3C  Most Buoyant – Justin 4P

Years 5 and 6 –  Furthest  - Robertas – 6L   Most Buoyant – Adrijus 5E

Adults (including staff and parents)  Mr Cooper (Coach)

The over all winner was Robertas!

 A very big thank you to parents and carers, staff and the wonderful pupils of Calverton for making Science Week 2018 such a success. We eagerly look forward to next year’s celebration!

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