Lakeside 2019

The children had a very early start, arriving at school at 7.30 for their coach to depart at 7.45.  The journey went really smoothly (thanks to the anti sickness tablets).  The children got slightly bored but managed to keep themselves entertained. On arrival at Oxenholme Station the children were then taken by coach to their destination.  Bags were unpacked and then a tour of the site for everyone.

Reports back from yesterday and last night are that all children were very settled and happy, a couple had trouble getting off to sleep (down to chatting and giggling) but all woke excited for the day ahead.  Please see the photographs from different activities. The website will be updated with photographs when they arrive but the internet connection in the beautiful countryside of the Lake District is not very good.

The children and staff were exhausted from their second day activities so they all ate and slept really well. Staff were really proud of the children taking part in some challenging activities, learning the power of working together and challenging themselves in situations out of their comfort zones.


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