Julius Caesar


"Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them”

William Shakespeare (Twelfth Night)

For a number of years now, Calverton have been a part of the Shakespeare Schools Festival, the UK’s largest youth drama festival,  and this year was no exception. The aim of the festival is to support children in developing self-esteem, empathy, literacy skills and team work. On the Wednesday 8th November 2017, as part of a collective of four schools taking part in the festival, year 5 showcased their outstanding production of Julius Caesar at the Stratford Circus Theatre. After weeks of dedicated practice and rehearsal (both at school and home), the children were finally able to perform their play to a full house of friends, family and staff, who gave their full support and encouragement to the children. As with any professional production, the children had an opportunity to run through a technical rehearsal and a full dress rehearsal, behaving impeccably, prior to performing. Throughout the entire process every child, every day, had given their all and that was reflected in the quality of the production.  Well done year 5!


Please click below for the letter Calverton received regarding the pupil's performance.

Shakespeare Schools Festival Letter


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