Fairplay House 2018

A group of very excitable year 5 pupils arrived at Fairplay ready for a fun filled 5 days of activities.  After unpacking and a lesson in bed making the children were put into groups and started their different activities.  Please keep looking below for updated photographs and information.

As you will see from the photographs the children are embracing all opportunities, flying high on the ropes, archery and canoeing (luckily the only thing that got wet was one wellington boot).  The pupils are continuing to have an amazing time with further activities such as a trip to the local beach to make beach art, orienteering and being incredibly brave going on the high swing. Teachers have been really impressed with the students being supportive and helpful to their friends to help them over come their fears.  A number of pupils for the Resource Provision joined the group for a day trip too. Bonfire and marshmallows tonight!

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