Book Week 2019

Some highlights from Book Week 2019 

The children’s author Timothy Knapman visited the school, his talked across all year groups and was met with enthusiasm and enjoyment from both adults and children.  He signed books after school; we sold almost 40 copies of his latest books.

For the first time we had a visit from the Book People Bus.  It was very successful; they took £1839, which earned us a commission total of £275

Older pupils read with the younger pupils.

A successful parent workshop was held to show what we do in school to support reading and give suggestions on what parents can do at home. Parents came in to school and read to the pupils in a different language. There was aTreasure hunt in the Forest, children had to read and follow clues, combining outdoor learning and reading activities.

We held a celebration assembly and dress up day – prizes were given for the most prolific reader and the best writers of the Learning Power stories.

We finished with Shakespeare and Poetry performances across the school, from Nursery to year 6

Each year group was given a Learning Power and they wrote new stories to inspire their peers to use their Learning Powers every day in everything they do.  6L created their own class book from all the stories.

School Council

During Book Week, School Council monitored the reading areas in class rooms, after Teachers had worked hard to improve them.  Here are some of the School Council Representatives’ thoughts about the process:

“We really enjoyed monitoring because we got to see the way book areas transformed between our visits.  We loved seeing all the different themes, in particular the under the water themes in year 2.  Our own class book area changed: we got rid of the inappropriate age books; it looks tidy and now has a theme.

“We are surprised at the themes we saw across the school, they are now intriguing areas; bright and colourful and labelled.  3C had an incredible nature tent. 6M has an under the rainbow theme, which links to our theme of theatre and over the rainbow.  I liked 1L and 6M the best.”

“It was great to see the areas more inviting with seating, cushions and carpet spaces.  Really liked the Mermaid display with their faces on the mermaids in 2B and 4A had a Historical theme and good seating area.”

“The themes were great, interesting and attractive; displays on top – books and other little items made the areas exciting to look at.  Having cushions improved some areas and the Nursery’s garden theme was lovely.”

“We liked the sheets we had to mark the areas, it helped us know what to look for, they all looked good and much better the second time we saw them.  We enjoyed the whole experience.”

“I loved the books inside RB’s rocket because they became 3D when you used the tablet with them it was amazing. And I liked Nursery’s cushions and decorations.”

“We enjoyed the experience of monitoring the reading areas, and especially liked 6M’s rainbow and magic theme, it was definitely the most improved area.”


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