Learning Powers

The aim of the Learning Powers Project was to give the children of Calverton Primary School an idea of what is needed to be a good learner. The eight Learning Powers are listed below:

  • Concentrate
  • Don't give up
  • Be cooperative
  • Have a go
  • Be imaginative
  • Enjoy learning
  • Keep improving
  • Be curious 

Each Learning Power has its own story written by the children in collaboration with the class teacher. Each story has its own character which is based on an animal.

The children and staff of the school use these stories as a motivational tool to highlight the skills needed to be effective learners. We encourage the children to reflect on which Learning Powers they use in a lesson and which Learning Powers they can use when they meet challenges in their learning.

The artwork has also been produced by our children.

Please read, reflect on, and most importantly, enjoy the stories we have written together.


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