House System

At Calverton Primary School we operate a House Point System. The whole school is allocated a House which they will be in for their life at Calverton. The houses are named after trees – Oak, Elm, Sycamore and Beech. Siblings are in the same house.

House points are given to children who keep a Golden Rule that needs publicly acknowledging. Children can be given house points at any time of the school day and by any member of the school staff. No child can earn more than a maximum of 10 house points at any one time and this will be for doing something exceptional only.

Each week during Achievement Assembly, which all staff are expected to attend, house points are collected and displayed in the halls. Each house has a tree on which the points gained throughout the week are displayed.

At the end of each term the house with the highest number of points will have a treat.

At the end of the Year the house with the highest number of points gained throughout the year will have a 'Special Day'.

House Captain

Each house will elect a house captain from the year six pupils. Each campaigning house captain will draw up a manifesto and will be elected during the formal school council elections that take place once a year. The house captain will have the following responsibilities:

  • Be a leader for the house
  • Be a good behaviour role model for the whole house and school
  • Represent the house when it comes to prizes and decision making about the end of term/year treat
  • Present awards at Sports Day
  • Once a term during assembly house captains give feedback to the whole school about positive things regarding behaviour they have seen around school and give suggestions about any areas of improvement
  • Organise inter-house events such as Quiz shows. The Quiz shows are for the houses to compete in so as to earn house points
  • Leading good work assemblies

House Captains for 2019 - 2020

Beech - Maya (Archimedes)
Oak - Bianca (Fibonacci)
Elm – Gabriella (Archimedes)
Sycamore - Orges (Archimedes)






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