School day

It is very important that your child arrives in the playground at 8.45am, ready for registration at 8.50am. It is also important that children are collected on time at 3.15pm when school ends. If you wish to take your child home for dinner, please arrive promply at 12.15pm, and return by 1.15pm.

The Nursery has two sessions: 'AM' and 'PM'.
The morning session begins at 8:45 am finishing at 11:45 am.
The afternoon session begins at 12:15 pm finishing with the rest of the school at 3:15 pm. 

If your child has to leave during the day to visit the doctor, or dentist etc., you must sign them out at the office, then sign them back in on their return.  This is to ensure that in the case of fire, all children are accounted for.

If parents wish to change their arrangement for the collection of children, they must inform the class teacher either in writing or in person. In an emergency we will take telephone messages to change arrangements but it is essential that the person collecting the child is at the classroom door before 3.15.

There is an extended day provision at Calverton Primary School. For more information, please click here.

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