Children are admitted to Calverton according to the L.A. policy. Children are admitted to the nursery as soon as a space becomes available after their third birthday. Names can be placed on our waiting list after their second birthday. Nursery places do not give children priority for placement in the main school. When children are admitted to the main school they are given priority in the following order.

  1. Children who live locally (within Calverton's catchment area) and have a brother or sister in the school
  2. Children who do not live locally, but have a brother or sister in school, provided it can be proved that a place was not available at the local school for the brother or sister
  3. Other children who live locally
  4. Children who do not live locally but have a brother or sister in the school
  5. Other children, whether or not they live in Newham. Visits for prospective parents and their children are welcomed and should be arranged with the school secretary for a mutually agreed time

More information for parents with children starting school can be found in our Admissions Policy or Mid Phase Admissions Policy below.

Starting Secondary School Booklet (September 2018)

Starting Primary School Booklet (September 2018)


Admission for entry from September 2017 (2017/18 current academic year)

Reception admission for entry from September 2018


Primary to secondary transition for entry September 2018


Useful likes for all schools admissions

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