Newham Choral Speaking Festival

14 pupils from Year 2 were busy during the Autumn term practising a performance for the Newham Choral Speaking Festival held at Stratford Circus on Thursday 20th November 2014.

They rehearsed a poem entitled 'Teamwork' which identifies some of the qualities necessary for all to work as part of a team. Whilst practising they were enlightened to many of the ideas which could help them in their endeavours to work successfully amongst others.

 They competed amongst 15 other schools, Calverton being the only KS1 performers against KS2 choral groups, each hoping that they would be judged the best. The Year 2 pupils displayed confidence, courage and were empowered by their positive message, delivering their lines and movements effortlessly, whilst embracing the idea of teamwork and sharing the message Together  Everyone Achieves More.

 The pupils gained a valuable lesson in choral presentation and enunciation techniques from the winning teams that came first, second and third with each Calverton participant wishing to perform in future choral events. Calverton are proud of the children's efforts and representation. Well done.





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