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At Calverton Primary School we provide an Extended Day club. This provision takes place in the mornings and evenings during term time and in the school holidays, 48 weeks of the calendar year. Our club is located within the school building. During term time we operate each day from 8:00am-8:40am in the mornings and 3:25pm-6:00pm in the evenings. In the school holidays our club operates from 8:00am-6:00pm.

Children have the opportunity to take part in planned indoor and outdoor adult led activities which includes a choice of free range activities. We provide a safe and secure setting for our children with familiar trained staff. A signing in and out register is provided to parents/carers on arrival and departure.

The area in which we work is welcoming, enthusiastic and child friendly, decorated with a beautifully themed book corner, for all of the children to improve on their reading skills on a daily basis. We have a wonderful writing area that is colourful and inviting, making it fun for the children to access freely and a home corner set up for the children to work on their communication and role play skills.

Both staff and children work together to plan a variety of fun and exciting activities based on a weekly theme. Our activities include, arts, crafts, cooking, circle times, ICT, science experiments, construction etc. We also offer a wider range of activities such as, Indoor and outdoor sports, dance, reading, small world, role play, board games and many more. Educational Outings are also arranged for the holiday period.

The breakfast session is set up with a variety of free choice games and activities. The children are entitled to a healthy breakfast of cereal or toast with a selection of fillings which are served on alternate days. Low sugar juice/water is displayed throughout the session for the children to help themselves. Breakfast is served between 8:00am until 8:30am. All children are then escorted to their class lines by a member of staff at 8:40am, ready to line up for the start of the school day.

At the end of the school day the children are escorted to the EDC by their class teachers at 3:25pm. Children are registered upon arrival and then placed into groups to start the adult led activity of the day. A light snack is provided at 4:30pm, in guideline with our schools healthy eating policy. A list of our breakfast/snack menu is attached. Children are then able to take part in a variety of fun indoor and outdoor activities before being collected by their parents/careers by 6:00pm.

During the school holidays adult led and free choice activities are planned throughout the day. Educational outings are included throughout the week and are fully compliant with Calverton Primary school risk assessments. This ensures safeguarding for our children and staff.

A first aid trained member of staff is present at all times. Any incidents are recorded and treated by the appropriate staff member and report slips sent home. First aid bags and medication are available at all times.

Our monthly fee is £300.00 with a £50.00 deposit. Work vouchers are also accepted.

If your child/ren are in Reception-Year 6 and you are interested in the service that we provide, please feel free to come into our schools main office to speak to Miss Vicky Devlin our Extended Day Manager or contact on 0207-476-3076 or 07572240346 between 3:30pm-6:00pm.

Staffing List:

Miss V Devlin

Miss C Bruford

Miss J Neate

Miss Hegarty

Miss Wooster

Ms Calder

Ms Wright

Ms Kenworthy



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