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Welcome to the Governor's page. Here you can find out who the people are representing the Calverton Community at Governing Board meetings.

Governors are an elected group of people who offer support and challenge to the Head Teacher and staff in an effort to ensure the best possible education for the children who attend Calverton Primary School.

The Governing Board meets twice a term and receives regular reports from the Head Teacher.  Governors discuss a range of school issues including finance and staffing, the building and environment, the curriculum, pupil achievement and progress, pupil welfare.

Governors may also be linked to particular aspects of school, such as a curriculum area or stage of learning, e.g The Early Years Foundation Stage or a particular group of children, e.g those children with Special Educational Needs.

Governors regularly consider the following important questions :

  • How does the attainment and pupil progress at Calverton Primary compare to the national average?
  • How are we performing in different subjects?
  • Do we have any underperforming pupils? How are these pupils being supported? Is the support effective?
  • How might the context of our school affect our performance?
  • How does pupil attendance at Calverton Primary compare with the national average?
  • Does the school manage its activities within the school budget? Is the money being spent in the best interests of the children?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of our school? How can we build on the strengths and address the weaknesses?

Governors may be contacted via the School Office.

Calverton Governors 

NameCategoryAppointed ByTerm EndCommitteeLink Role
Mrs Valerie CosterLocal AuthorityGoverning Board21.07.21 Chair, Curriculum, Standards&Well-Being(Chair), Finance, Staffing, Premises and ResourcesEYFS, Inclusion/SEND, Looked After Children
Mr Nick ChristieCo-opted Governing Board10.02.19Finance, Staffing, Premises and Resources (Chair), Performance ManagementEYFS, Financial Efficiency
Ms Cheryl CrombieCo-optedGoverning Board18.05.20Curriculum, Standards & Well-Being Years 5 & 6, Religious Education
Mrs Folashade Ajayi-AkinsulireParentParents16.09.18Curriculum, Standards & Well-Being Years 3 & 4, SEND/Inclusion/Looked After Children
Mr Stephen NorrisCo-opted Governing Board10.02.19Finance,Staffing,Premises & ResourcesYears 1 & 2, Safeguarding, Governors Forum Representative
Mrs Caroline CromptonHead TeacherFinance, Staffing, Premises and Resources, Curriculum, Standards and Well-beingMarketing and Publicity, Extended Day Provision
Graham PragnellCo-optedGoverning Board07.07.19Vice Chair, Finance,Staffing,Premises and Resources, Performance ManagementYears 5 & 6, Safeguarding, Website, Calverton Governance My Drive
John D’ell-RossParent Parents 8.12.19Curriculum, Standards & Well-Being, Performance ManagementYears 3 & 4,Marketing and Publicity, Website
Srinivasa KovvuriCo-optedGoverning Board18.05.20Finance, Staffing, Premises and ResourcesYears 1 & 2, Financial Efficiency
Daniel RiahiCo-optedGoverning Board14.10.21Finance, Staffing, Premises and ResourcesYears 5 & 6, Safeguarding
Sharon Teasdale-MellidStaffStaff20/10/21Curriculum, Standards and Well-BeingYears 1 & 2, Governor Training
Alisia CarnemollaParent GovernorParents2-12-2021Finance, Staffing, Premises and ResourcesEYFS and Food and Healthy Eating



Discipline, Grievance and Complaints Committee: All governors, except members of staff serve on this committee when required.


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